Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Welcome to our blog chronicling life at The Little School. Jennifer and Christa propelled their dream of a school into reality in 2005. In those early days there were four classrooms, and now we have fifteen classrooms, a kitchen, dining room and more!

The blog will be a window into our school. There are many stories to tell about The Little School. In this blog you will follow projects, meet people, see creations, and enjoy discussions. In every classroom, we are forging friendships with our children, with you and with our teams. Each class is a micro community. This blog will also show how we are building a broader community among our classrooms. Our blog will also share information and reflection on the 5 Big Ideas which knit our community together. We hope that this blog will reach out from The Little School to you, sharing and encouraging participation.

 Our teaching staff is diverse and varied. Each teaching group brings a unique vision to the classroom. The one common denominator is that every teacher approaches each day with thoughtfulness, dedication, and deliberation. As each team visualizes what is important to them, we create a vision of The Little School.

One example of the richness of our community is Ms. Melissa's poem about her classroom, which not only looks through the eyes of the teacher, but also through the eyes of the child and the parent.

Through the eyes of a protective parent, what do they see?
Older infant eyes looking at me.

On your belly there’s paint
Some food in your hair
Do you think that these teachers might even care?

Different sounds from the radio
Mulch on your clothes
What do we have here, good friends or foes?

Outside you go
It’s too cold, it’s too hot
I do hope you love our little tot.

Through the eyes of our children, what do they see?
A whole world to discover, what could it all be?

A blob of color so bold
Wet, sticky, warm, or cold?
Splat, all over my hand and face it goes.

Why is it
In a circle we gather?
Clapping hands, singing songs, is all that does matter.

On a spoon at first
Then bigger chunks I pick up?
Mmmmm, I think I might like it, where is my sippy cup?

Open the door
Why is it different out there?
Whether colder or warmer, I love the fresh air.

Through the eyes of our teachers, let me share what I see.
Little children who bump up and down on our knees.

Our job’s to assist
Give opportunity to discover
As these little tots grow from one month to another.

From infant to toddler
They will change in our room
To help and support as they learn to walk v, v, vroom.

We give hugs and big kisses
Whether happy or sad
Rejoice in the good times and comfort in bad.

Yes, transition is the name of our game
From baby to child, no one is the same.

Introduce “big kid” activities
But we do it one on one
To assure no one gets hurt and everyone has fun!

So we might be a bit messy
And get a bruise or a bump
But who ever succeeded by sitting as a lump?

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