Saturday, January 28, 2012

A day in the life....

Everyday is filled with at least 400 amazing adventures at The Little School. Though we make it a point to get together as a community throughout the day,  in some ways each class is like it's own distinct planet in the TLS milky way.  I thought it would be fun just to poke our heads into these Martian worlds. Here is what I found this week:

Ms. Rose's Yellow Duck class transformed into hibernating bears. Throughout the week, these duck-bears learned all about bears and hibernation. Bear hats donned, the kids all came with their teddy bears and cozy pj's and had a big meal to prepare for the long cold winter (aka, nap-time). 

Ms. Holly's class created a masterpiece for Art For Hospice. This non-profit group distributes works of art made by kids of all ages, and distributes them to hospice centers, VA hospitals and nursing homes across the state. Here James shows us the "tree" he painted.

 Each class is participating in the Art for Hospice project.  Ms. Val's Zany Zoo was also hard at work on the Hospice project. Their  class made a landscape scene using their hands and feet.  Here Tristen folds under the tickle of Ms. Jennifer's brush. We will display these works of genius in the halls for a few weeks before we send them on.

The Mighty Me's celebrated the Chinese New Year with a look into China. Among other things, they  learned Chinese phrases (Qiángdà de wǒ means MIGHTY ME!made paper lanterns and flags, and played with a cardboard Great Wall of China. They also created a mighty dragon puppet for the culminating New Years parade with their big friends in the Pre-K classes.  Here they are gluing the teeth into the mouth of their good-luck dragon. 

Davian and Diana's class has been investigating all things water.  The kids brain stormed and made a water web discussing the use and properties of water. They froze and melted ice cubes and delighted in the sensory results. Here Sawyer pours water though a maze of funnels and cups. 

The Busy Bodies continued their investigation of clothes. A important part of our everyday curriculum is teaching our kids how to be independent powerful kids! When age appropriate, our kids clean up their lunch dishes and put on their clothes. Along this vein, the BB's have been working on clothes of all kinds, including zipping zippers and snapping snaps. Last week they tie-dyed their own shirts to wear every Wednesday for Team Busy Body spirit. 

Samantha and Vera enjoyed the sun and playing ball with the fabulous Ms. Monica in the Wonder-fun class. In this simple game of pass, the three practiced everything from gross motor, eye-hand coordination and turn taking (not to mention taking advantage of a 60 degree January day!)


  1. Love to see all the pictures! Keep up the good blog work!

  2. Jessica, the pic's are amazing and the stories of TLS are inspiring! It's engaging and draws the reader's interest! "You did it." Great job!


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