Friday, March 23, 2012

Community Super Stars

Photo By Alex Caterson
What is a community? Webster’s dictionary gives us 12 different definitions of the word, and they are all entirely too boring to repost: a common denominator, a link, a society. I would argue that our community defines US as much as we define IT. It is also one of the core tenets found in Reggio programming. Our school is only as strong as our community. Don’t get me wrong- we have stellar teachers, awesome curriculum, and some of the sweetest kids around. But what really makes a strong program is the links between all three of these. The bond between the kids and the teachers is reinforced every day, but the parents and teachers are allowed just a few minutes at the beginning and end of each day to connect. Special events where the parents, kids and teachers all interact allow the children to see two very important parts of their world work together. It builds a sense of pride and ownership for the kids, and allows parents to see their children interact on a different level with their peers. It’s like a little window into your kids “other” life. Plus, it’s super fun.

Our teachers strive to create these community building opportunities.The Busy Bodies class (aka Mary Beth, Laura H, and Tina) is an awesome example of this. Recently the teachers volunteered their Saturday and arranged a giant play date with the class. I asked her to share the day with us. Chris, aka Sevi’s Dad offered these great photos of the day.

Photo By Alex Caterson
“On Saturday, March 3rd the Busy Bodies took a trip to the Durham Museum of Life and Science.  We had eleven friends and their families join us on a great Saturday morning to explore the museum.  We have been exploring Dinosaurs in February and have continued to explore butterflies after the trip.  Our first stop was the Farmyard where we observed the sheep, goats and pigs.  We LOVED the climbing on the HUGE dinosaur, roaring down the Dinosaur Trail, and trying to catch butterflies in the Magic Wings Butterfly house the most.  We were also amazed by all the insects in the Insectarium and greeted them with wide eyes and curiosity.  We dug for fossils and found lots of great treasures like shark teeth!  We celebrated a friends birthday and ended the day on a great note in Loblolly park.   It was a great visit and we enjoyed exploring the museum together with our friends and families!”--- Mary Beth

The Little School will be holding its annual community garden day Saturday April 21st. Our Parent Involvement Group has been hard at work planning a fun day where we can all pitch in, beautify our kids space, and soak in our TLS community while we’re at it. We hope you and your whole family can make it.

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