Friday, March 9, 2012

Dr. Seuss-palooza!

Ms. Heather up and away!
The Little School celebrated it’s second Dr. Seuss Day. Each class asked its parent Ambassador to help organize the fun for the room and each class celebrated in their own style. As I looked over the sea of Thing 1’s and Cat’s in Hats, I imagined what my one year old daughter must be thinking: “Is Dr. Seuss Day the time when everyone around me goes technicolor crazy”? It was amazing. This much I can say for us: we did it in STYLE. From the costumes to the activities, we rocked it. I asked a few of our fabulous parent ambassadors to give us the scoop on their room.

From Victoria in the ½ day room:  
Ms. Lesley’s half day class had a wonderful time getting into the Seuss spirit all week to celebrate Read Across America Day and the birthday of the beloved Dr. Seuss.  They began the week on Monday with a reading of One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish by Andrew Slawter (Julie and Drew’s dad), complemented by an art project of making red and blue fish out of different shapes and a fun and colorful goldfish cracker snack served out of a fish bowl.  What a huge hit!

On Wednesday, Jennifer Kusnyer (Annabel and Lilly’s mom) came to class to read Green Eggs and Ham.  The kids embraced the color green by finding all of the green art materials in the classroom and making collages out of them. The children also enjoyed a green inspired snack, including cucumbers, which were all gobbled up. Thanks Dr. Seuss for helping our little ones eat their veggies!
Half Day Cats in Hats

The class ended the week on Friday with an all time favorite, The Cat in the Hat, brought to life by the fabulous French accent of Jean-Francois Provost (Julian and Wope’s dad).  The children and teachers all came to school dressed in red, white, and black and made red and white striped hats to wear as they listened to the story.  Ms. Kelly even came with her face painted like a cat, which everyone enjoyed immensely.

Finally, throughout the week the children made a "truffula tree" inspired by The Lorax, which the class also read. Come and check it out if you haven't already!  It was a fantastic and memorable week.  Thank you to Ms. Lesley, Ms. Kelly, Ms. Meg and the parents for making the celebration of reading and Dr. Seuss such a success!

Sonya Planting Truffula Trees
From Sonya in the Mighty Me’s
The Mighty Me’s spoke for the trees during a week-long unit on the Lorax for Dr. Seuss week. The teachers planned great crafts and taught the 3-year-olds about recycling, composting and other ways to take care of the planet. The Mighty Parents also lent a hand; Adam Buchanan, Anne Fairchild, Helen Cheek, Marc Hawley and Clyde Buchanan all volunteered to read to the class throughout the week. Other parents donated recycled containers to hold our very own Truffula trees (or as close as we could find at the local hardware store, which means they’re actually dahlias and bachelor’s buttons).

My oldest daughter (who is a proud TLS alum) helped select the Truffula seeds and was so excited to help the Mighty Me’s with the planting project.  The kids each selected a recycled container for their trees and were ready to plant.  A few really stocked up on the seeds and others were very careful to place their seeds in exactly the spots they wanted. The whole project went really quickly (that’s what happens when 3-year-olds get excited) and was done in about 15 minutes. The “trees” have already sprouted and we can’t wait to see the blooms. It was a really fun way to spend time with the kids and learn about the amazing lessons in Lorax. Thanks to all the families who contributed to the week’s activities!

Amanda and son Darwin
From Nicole Hill in the Yellow Ducks:
What a day!  What a day!
This much I can say.

Amazing hair up so high
and silly outfits fly by.

Today's menu calls
Yertle the Turtle Eggs with truffula balls.
It is a celebration day for ol' Dr. Seuss,
Here at the Little School- his spirit is on the loose.

Parents came in and read to us all
red foot, blue foot prints on the wall.

A wacky day it was so much fun
Thanks you to all who helped get it done.

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