Friday, March 2, 2012

Best Of TLS!

Last year TLS was thrilled and honored to be recognized by Indy readers as the Best Childcare in the Triangle. It is that time of the year to vote again, and we would love another shout out! We can sit here and tell you all the reasons and ways we think we are amazing, but we thought we would put the question to the our children instead.

I can’t tell you how fun this was to put together. As I traveled from room to room (or playground to playground), I witnessed gleeful kids and eager teachers willing to share some of their fun with me. Their answers were sometimes goofy, sometimes very serious, and often strangely specific! Their answers speak of everything we hope to be at TLS: JOYFUL, surrounded by friendships and love, covered with paint and dirt, and of course, least we forget, bread.
Here is what they said:

What do you like to do at The Little School?
“I like to find stuff in the woods” Joshua 4
“I like to make paper airplanes and fly them. Kites too.” John 5
“I like to play outside with Megan” Wylie 3
“I play with my stick” Sebastian 2
“I like to play....(pointing) there. “ Lilly 2
“I like to go in dress-up” Carson 4
“I like to ride my bike” Jacob 3
“I play with animals in the train” Porter 2
“I like to paint a picture” Ali 4

“I like to write my letters for Mommy and Daddy” Colin 4
“Play with my toys... firetruck!” Diego 3
“I like to cut pictures from magazines” Chloe 5
“I like to make pictures.... happy faces.” Lila 4
“Eat bread” Sarah 2
“I like to go to the magic tree” Ian 4
“I like to paint stars and flowers” Faye 3
“Circle-time!” Terra 3
“I like to play ‘sisters’ with Una” Katy Bryn 5
“Dancing” Elisa 2
“Heee heeee heee!” Vidya 4
“I do somersaults” Chloe 3
“Make stuff” Xander 5 

And lastly, our real life “Calvin and Hobbes” tells us (sung with drum percussion):
“I love The Little School because I love my teachers, because they take care of me like my Mommy does. The Little School is made out of bread!” Max 3

If you would like to vote for us in the Indy, here is the link:

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