Friday, March 16, 2012

What's going on at school this week?

Gardening has begun in earnest around the school. You can find projects blooming inside and out. Here Fleury helps dig out trenches for the onion patch.

The Itsy Bitsy spiders studied round things this week. To fit with that theme, the kids all painted old vinyl records. Though my 10 year old self shuddered at the fate of this Belinda Carlisle album,  Ali explored the texture of the paint on her fingers, and yes, her mouth.

Crystal's class savors the amazing weather with a long walk. 
Lesley's class got into the St. Patties spirit with these nifty rainbow mobiles. 

Diana and Davian's class examined castles this week. Cutting out the crown pattern helps strengthen fine motor and early writing skills. Plus, they look really cool. 

March Madness has made it's way to The Little School! What a great way to practice turn taking, gross motor skills, and and team building. 
Ms. Joy's kids soaked up the spring weather on the playground.  

In the Pre-K room, the kids spent the week exploring wind. The kids all collected and made a hypothesis as to what would blow away in the wind. Here Eleanor delights in the results. 

The Mighty Me's took a virtual trip to Ireland this week in honor of St. Patrick's day. Since they could not kiss the Blarney Stone in person, they made these great stand ins instead. If the original doesn't have sparkles. then they really should look into it.  Mischievous leprechaun's visited the classroom on Friday, leaving behind a big mess of fun to clean up!

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