Friday, April 20, 2012

Birds of a Feather...

Signs of spring: budding trees, rainy days, sprouting tulips, growing gardens, and now at TLS, hatching chicks. With a borrowed incubator and fingers crossed, the half day classroom started their chick adventure just about a month ago. Ms. Meg’s family has been raising chickens for many years, so under her guidance this class of would be Mommy and Daddy Chickens carefully placed their eggs and monitored the incubator temperature daily. They studied up on the phases of development, the differences between a fertilized egg and the ones we eat every day, “candled” the eggs to see the chicks moving around (like an egg ultrasound!) and patiently counted down the 21 days until they were due. As any parent can relate, the 21 day mark came and went without so much as a *aheem* peep from these guys. On the morning of Friday, April 13, the kids came to school and saw that several of the eggs had begun to crack. Throughout the day the kids watched the wiggling and rocking and heard their cheeps as the chicks made the slow progress out of the egg. As one chick chirped, another egg next door would began to jerk. 

At 12:20 April 13th, the first chick pecked free from his shell. IT. WAS. SO. AWESOME. In honor of her birthday, they named the first chick Wendy! Monday morning, the half day class met their new brood of seven baby birds. As of now, two of the seven are named Wendy and Cinderella (here's an official plug for Super Jessica the chicken). Words don’t really express how cool this was to watch. Thank you to Lesley, Meg and Kelly for letting everyone visit your sweet chicks. Check out the photos and video at the bottom of the page.

Leo shows us his egg
Julien adds an egg to the incubator
Through a technique called candling, the kids can see the membranes and inner system of the egg, including the moving chick itself.  
Meg uses a flashlight and a dark room to see if the chicks are growing
Friday morning, the kids arrive to cracked eggs.
Lou watches the painstaking hatching process
The first chick makes its way out. You can also see the beak of another poking through
Wendy the chicken is here! 
Joey holds the brand new baby.
Edgar meets the 3 day old Wendy.

Adelaide and a fluffy chick. 
An unnamed, yet very sassy chick... Super Jessica anyone? 

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