Friday, May 18, 2012

A day in the Life...

It never ceases to amaze me how much fun we can pack into one day.  Swinging from hanging vines to jumping on bubble wrap, we have been busy busy.....

The Mighty Me's began to harvest the snow peas and green beans they planted earlier in the spring. They spent the past few weeks pulling weeds and diligently watering their gardens. The fruits (or veggies) of their labor were a mixed bag. Some spat out the raw veg, while others begged for more!

The Pea Pods enjoyed the fresh air and making some noise!

TLS is very excited to welcome back Mr. Cole. He was with us at the Davis road site, and has returned  to a round of hurrahs! We came upon Cole hiking through the woods with his small group. 

Ms. Lesley's class is continuing their investigation of life cycles. They have studied chickens, plants and now butterflies. Here a friend is making butterfly wings that he will wear for their parade next week. 

Ms. Crystal's class enjoys the playground while looking extra cute. 

Ms. Tina and her friends discovered a just hatched dragonfly while on a walk. They kept it in the classroom for the day while it's wings dried out. 

The Ittsy Bittsy spiders continue to develop their gross motor skills. After maneuvering the stairs, Colin  makes his way back down the slide. 

These rising kindergardeners (boo hoo) ham it up while making an elaborate clubhouse during center time. This activity is using everything from spatial skills to socio-dramatic learning... plus they are clearly doing it with pazzaz! 

Ms. Lulu's kids studied trees this week. I found them at the magic tree making observational landscape drawings. It was as serene a scene as you can imagine, and I almost could hear Vivaldi, "Four Seasons" in my head. 

Ms. Arryan's kids investigated maps this week. Here Anna Leigh is experiencing topographical maps. Blindfolded, the kids were asked to locate different landmarks on their playground using the "maps in their brains". 

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