Tuesday, May 29, 2012

TLS After Hours

Will takes a turn on the fire trucks

Just because we shut the doors on Friday night, doesn’t mean the TLS gears stop turning. Last weekend TLS’ers were buzzing with activity across the triangle.  The Zany Zoo met up this Saturday for a trip to the Hillsborough Fire Station. I asked Ms. Valerie to share the day with us. She writes:

On Saturday, May 19th, the Zany Zoo class met for a fun filled tour at the downtown Hillsborough fire station. We were greeted by several firemen. Fireman Josh showed us around. We toured two trucks, pushed buttons, sprayed water and even watched fireman Josh suit up in all of his gear. He was so wonderful to chat with and explain how all of the equipment worked. A couple of friends seemed scared, so he got on the ground and let the children touch the equipment and gave high-fives. He was so gentle with everyone. A great day at the firehouse and wonderful memories for the Zany Zoo!- Valerie

Chefs Justin, Nate and their helpers
On Sunday, The Little School was excited to be the only non-restaurant business to be invited to join the annual Farm to Fork picnic. This event pairs local chefs with NC based farms to raise money and awareness for a new generation of farmers. That’s the official sounding part. The experience itself was way way cooler: Incredible gourmet chefs and farm fresh food. OMG, YUM. Think kale “nachos”, local sauerkraut from Two Chicks Farm served on homemade tempeh from Tempeh Girl, ginger goats milk ice cream from Celebrity dairy, squash puppies with “come back” sauce from Fosters, duck pate from The Pig, and more insanely juicy pork then you can shake a stick at. 

Paired with ECO Farms, our own chef Nate (assisted by our new Duke campus Chef Justin Cole) made beet bread tea sandwiches with herbed cream cheese and pickled cucumbers, as well as pea pomponettes with English peas and sugar snap peas, shaved parmesan and chives. To say the least, we were blowing minds left and right. Folks stopped by our maverick table and were at first look confused: one of these things was not like the other! When we explained that we were a preschool who believes that kids need to eat real organic foods, they were instantly electrified by our unique food program. We love sharing what we do, and spreading The Little School vibe.

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