Friday, June 29, 2012


 a·lo·ha/əˈlōˌhä/ Hawaiian word used when greeting or parting from someone.

Aloha all! This is always a bittersweet time of year. As we prepare for our BIG transition, lots of goodbyes are happening but also tons of exciting hellos. I am saying goodbye to my stellar Mighty Me’s, some of which I have had for 2.5 years. And it is gut wrenching! The kids? Oh, they are fine. More then fine, they are uber excited and ready to explore their new class community. It’s the tethered adults that have a hard time- myself most definitely included.  We do our best to keep it upbeat and offer it as an exciting new adventure, but let’s be honest, there are more than a few grown-up tears too on our last days. We share such an awesome task- the nurturing of your beautiful child. It is a strong tie with the whole family, and one not always easy to re-adjust. BUT, we are confident that new roots will grow and your kids will flourish as they are presented with new experiences, new teachers, and new friends.  

This place is like a bee-hive these days- teachers buzzing around preparing for their new kids and sending up their current ones. It is a joyful time of celebration and reflection. Throughout this last year, our teachers have poured their hearts and souls into their jobs, lesson plans, and kids. As teachers we have lots of favorite memories of our year, but it is infinitely more fun to ask the kids.

I asked them: “What is your most favorite thing you did in class this year?” 

Lucas, 3: My favorite part is when we learned about llamas” (Adult translation- when we did a study of Bolivia- the culture, food, geography, etc. Kids view? We studied llamas. Perfection)

Andy J, 4 “I liked playing outside, and I like bugs.”

Gib, 4 “Pizza!” I was skeptical of this response because pizza is my friend Gib’s default answer for everything. He clarified further. “We ate pizza at a party for Niko. Grover and Colin”. 

Leo, 4 “Doing that butterfly parade, but I don’t remember anything else.” 

Julie, 4 “Yeah. We liked that butterfly parade.” 

Callum, 3 “My favorite thing in class in playing with ENGINE (said with true vim and vigor). 

Kai, 2 (Holding a firetruck in one hand) “Firefighters!” (Now lifting a hand with the dinosaur) “Ommm, ommmm, ommmm!” 

Isabelle, 3 “Cleaning-up”  (Really? So awesome) 

Phoebe, 3 “I liked the bumblebee (in Ms. Val’s circle bag). I learned my letters and sounds”  

Will, 3 “I like to count”

Colette, 2 “My Mommy and Daddy” 

Vera, 1 (Pointing furiously) “Dat! Dat! Meow, meow, meow”. I’m not sure what this means, but it sure is cute. 

Jacob, 3 “Sharks! Whale sharks are biggest fish, and great white sharks are the biggest hunter fish. But also the pirate ship. That was my very best part.”

Ben, 3 “Playing with my friend Cannon”

Thank you kids, parents and teachers alike for a wonderful year! We look forward to all the amazing new terrain to explore together next year. So aloha to you and yours!

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