Friday, July 27, 2012

Back to School and All About Me

This past Wednesday The Little School hosted our annual Back-to-School night. Traditionally we have done this in the fall, but since all of our kids have made their new nests in their new rooms, it seemed like a good time for a formal classroom introduction.... or at least as formal as we get at The Little School. The idea was to get to know one another as a class pack, and to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Communication between the parent and the teacher is the key to the success of any given room, and Back-to-School night is the perfect time to form that bridge.

Many rooms invited the children to help prepare the rooms for the night. Joy’s Little Stars painted a banner to greet their adoring fans. Susan’s kids read the book Ugly Pie by Lisa Wheeler, and made the yummy (though as promised, ugly) confection for their parents, complete with homemade ice cream. Teachers baked all manner of tasty treats, while Val’s parents were treated to gorgeous gifts from parents and owners of The Chocolate Door. Sweet tooth satiated, we all set to work.

Each room had discussions of particular interest to the classes: from infant development, potty training, all the way to kindergarten readiness. That was the official part. The main fun of the evening was setting to work on “A Book About Me”. Across the school, each parent was asked to come armed with photos that depict their child’s life. The parents were presented with these questions to illustrate, narrate or otherwise interpret: 

-My Family
-What Makes Me Unique?
-What Gives Me Comfort?
-My Favorite Experience
Glue sticks and snapshots in hand, parents set to work around the kid sized tables and chatted while they created these masterpieces. Once complete, these books will live in the classroom for the kids to look at anytime they like. As we had hoped, each parent approached the questions in their own style. Some used pictures alone, others added text and doodles, and still others wrote epic tomes. The results are simply a-dorable, and the kids are going to love, love, love them.

Thanks again for coming and joining our pack!

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