Monday, September 3, 2012

Welcome TLS @ Duke!

Tuesday September 4th marks a new chapter in the story of The Little School. On Tuesday morning, we will welcome children and families to The Little School at Duke. Recognizing a need for quality schooling for their youngest population, Duke partnered with The Little School to serve the children of their staff and faculty.

Dreams and visions of beautiful new schools are all fine and well, but once we wake up, there is work to be done. TLS parent Coby Linton renovated and re-imagined the former site of The Duke School. Admissions guru Mary gave tour after tour to prospective families (as well as juggled enough paperwork to wipe out a small forest). Our owners, HR, and Program Director carefully curated an amazing staff, and in turn the teachers spent the past month receiving Reggio training, CPR & First Aid training (Thanks Sara Houston), and Conscious Discipline training under the guidance of skilled childcare professionals. If their head wasn’t spinning enough, the teachers then lovingly stocked their rooms in preparation for the big day.  

It was all so worth it.

Last Thursday Duke University president Richard H. Brodhead arrived to officially open the school. With comically large scissors in hand, he cut the ribbon to our finished dream, our newest baby. It was all very official, or as official as novelty sized scissors get. He reminded us all that it is here that a child’s education begins, here that the foundation is laid for the leaders of tomorrow. He fondly reminisced that off all his experiences with his own children’s education, their preschool remains closest to his heart. President Broadhead quipped that if we are “The Little School”, then perhaps he should change Duke’s name to “The Big School”. I think our leaders of tomorrow should hold him to that.

Little School today, Big School tomorrow. Amazing job team. YOU DID IT!

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  1. The center looked so inviting this morning. Thanks for all the hard work the team put into the new school.


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