Monday, October 8, 2012

Hello Stranger

Two Saturday’s back, Chef Nate whipped up an insane amount of banana pudding while we flung our doors open to all of our family and friends for a big honking picnic. We invited local legend Katherine Whalen and Her Fascinators to perform for us all. The TLS all-star kids took up all manner of shakers and tambourines to help the band keep the beat. Parents and teachers spread out blankets in the setting sun, while the kids whizzed by with their friends, a blur of giggles and sweat.

This is by far one of my favorite events of the year, and not just because banana pudding is involved. One of the core tenants of the Reggio philosophy is community, and boy oh boy, do we love our community. Born out of the wreckage of post war Italy, the towns surrounding Reggio Emilia leaned heavily on the community to pool their resources (physical and otherwise) to educate their kids. The result was a multi-facetted and supportive environment where teacher, parent and kids were all partners in the child’s education. It takes a village. 

Now this may all sound like a lofty idea for a banana pudding fueled party, but the sheer pride a child takes when he shares his school world with his home world is not to be missed. The casual conversations between parents on a picnic blanket acts as a pipeline of information where advice and anecdotes can flow freely. A little talk between a teacher and parent about the awesomeness of the band, opens the door for when there needs to be a big talk about a bite on the playground.

So thank you, thank you to all our friends, family and teachers who showed up to share the sunset with us. Your support and encouragement mean the world not just to us, not just to your (super wonderful) kids, but to this big ole village we are in. If we were in post war Italy, I’d totally have your back.

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