Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Best Gratitude List Ever

With Thanksgiving comes the official start of the holidays, and there is oh so much we can all say about that. However, I can assure you that anything I have to say about thankfulness is not nearly as amazing as what our kids have to say about it. So with that, I will turn the blog over to them.  I asked the kids to lay it out for me: What are you thankful for? Like a big happy sticky wave of gratitude, I was almost physically laid out as the kids rushed to tell me all the things they are thankful for. And that almost says it all… ALMOST:

What are you thankful for? 

Sterling 4: Seeing the biggest rainbow ever.
Jack 4: I am thankful my mom got me new footie pajamas.
Jordan 2: French fries!
Asher 2: iPad.
Brady 3: I’m thankful across the whole North Carolina land.
Catherine 2: Santa Claus.
Sienna 5: My dog and my mom, because she got me that dog.
Addison 4: Co-cola with my g ma and pa pa.
Ronan 2: A football guy. #1 Camden Newton!
Emmie 2: I’m thankful for my sissy and mommy.
Rosa Lu 2: I want to tell you something. Grandma and grandpa are coming to mine house for Thanksgiving.
Ben 4: Bread all the tiiiime.
Avery 2: Nate!
Tyler 3: I dunno.
Charlotte 4: A long time ago, I came downstairs after nap, and my dad was painting a turkey with butter.
Luke 4: I’m thankful for people coming to my house.
Nicholas 2: Grandma! Grandpa!
Elsie 4: A volcano. Booom!
Carissa 4: I’m thankful for church.
Brandon 4: Ketchup, eggs, and pie…. in your face! Hahahaha! 
Sarah Grace 4: I’m just thankful for my family.
Shayna 4: I’m thankful for Lexi because she plays with me.
Quincy 4: School!
Porter 3: I’m thankful for my uncle Bill.
Gib 4: Christmas! Presents and my whole family coming.
Nico 4: I’m thankful for my sister, my dad and my mother, ‘cus I love them.
Andy 4: God and stuff.
Maddie 4: I am thankful because my mom is making gooseberry pie, and I am inviting Anna Leigh and Wyatt and Andy.
Noah 3: Getting a haircut for my grandma and my grandpa.
Wylie 4: The whole class.
Samantha 1: Wash hands. 
Bryce 3: I'm thankful for dresses. 
Willa 4: Not being sick anymore.
Evan 3: Cookies. No. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Alex 4: I can’t tell you.
Vera 1: Earrings. Kitties. Gentle flowers. 
Isabel 2: Sometimes, I love meat.  

Your kids are awesome. Absolutely awesome. On behalf of TLS, we are thankful to all of you for sharing your wonderful children with us. Through their highs and lows, tears and sparkles, they remind us everyday that we have the very best job in the world. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. I love this gratitude list - so awesome! Thank you for sharing!


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