Friday, January 25, 2013

Worth 1,000 Words

I really love a photo. I good photo captures memory and emotion, stories and ideas in just 1/250th of a second. That is a powerful 1/250th of a second! Of course, we have all heard the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words", but then there is this picture of Bamborough, which is worth three-thousand at least. There has been oh-so so much going on across our two campuses, and I wish I could transport you there- but that's what I have a camera.

The Bumblebees and Butterflies held a spirit week. Each day offered a new theme. On "favorite book character day", Bamborough dressed like Pippy Longstockings, which seemed to fit her to a tee.
What's bigger then a Birthday? The Grasshoppers celebrated the big oh-three with popsicles and family full of giggles.

 The Leaping Lizards find their inner zen with Erin, a long time TLS teacher, turned yoga instructor. She is bringing the practice to even our little guys, incorporating songs, calming breaths (hello Conscious Discipline!) traditional poses, and lots of improv. I am consistently amazed at how Erin can turn "Twinkle little star" into a yoga pose.

March madness has come early to The Little School at Duke. Lauren and Norman find the sun and some serious basketball moves!

Raining days call for legos! A amazing brain booster, legos access fine motor, imagination, problem solving, concentration, and the list goes on. Plus, you can build the sweetest space ships with them.

Rainy days also call for lots of ways to get your wiggles out. This Sunny Sparrow took advantage of TLS Duke's gross motor room, where they can wiggle to their hearts content. With a room full of friends cheering her on, Elodie discovered the joy of tunnels!
SNOW! There is little better then a day playing with your friends in the snow. Elsie is using all her senses to explore the rarest of beast: NC snow

Eliza delights in her teachers effort to clear the snow.

The snow is melting, but the party keep coming. Our Hummingbird friends had snow in the morning, but now awake to find their playground filled with wonderful puddles. With bucket at the ready, Shiwoo stirs, pokes, sploshes and investigates the melted snow from all angles.
The snow may be melting into puddles, but in the Bears class, the sensory table fills up with the coolest gooey/smooth "snow", you can't help but to squish and squish.
Our Lizards have been studying the body through song, dance and these amazing cuts outs. Surprisingly, these usually squiggly toddlers laid perfectly still for their tracing, anxious to see the results.

Like the 2 year olds, our Pre-K explorers also traced their bodies. After carefully adding their details (Andy here has depicted her "party socks") they measured and counted their bodies in all directions using unifix cubes.
Inspired by the book Not a Box The Toddling Turtles investigated containers of all kinds. Big, small, soft, hard, transparent, opaque, and even twinkly. Leading with the question "what can you DO with this?" all week the kids filled and dumped, were inside, on-top of and all around the boxes. The boxes became places to read, and musical instruments, beds for babies dolls and untold worlds to explore!
The Fliers studied the death of their hermit crabs. It's a big topic that these 4 year old have lot of their own ideas about. Like all topics at TLS, the Fliers allowed their kids to lead the learning.
The Little Rainforest class have been investigating igloos from all angles. The diagrams they created above will help them create a large life sized model out of plastic milk jugs.

My Explorer friends proudly offer very mixed directives to this photographer.

The Diving Dolphins have been diving into an investigation of eggs. The kids have been conducting egg-y experiments, reading books upon books, creating art projects and learning all there is to know about eggs and what lays beneath. Spencer is painting (pre-writing fine motor) his dinosaur egg.
Brrr, with the arctic blast come the march of the penguins in the Yellow Duck room. Our three year old friends are learning all about the lives of these waddling birds.

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