Saturday, March 30, 2013

In like a lion...

Spring has sprung at TLS… slooowwwllly. Though the weather may have not have felt warm and fuzzy, our kids, teachers and families have been doing a great job warming this joint up!  As they say about March, "In like a lion, out like a… lamb"? Umm, too cold for that. Another lion? Humm, that one doesn’t work. How about "In like a wacky Dr. Seuss day, out like silly colorful egg hunts?" Yeah, that sounds more like the TLS way. Check out some of the fun that we have been getting into this month. 

Our Grizzly Bear teachers celebrate our 3rd Dr. Seuss day with  a homage to  Wacky Wednesday.  I must say, this level of wacky isn't too far from everyday in the Grizzly Bear room. 
My buddy Luke lets his awesome inner wacky shine and shout on Dr. Seuss day! 
Dr. Seuss day brought lot of "Cats in Hats", and lots of "Things". Thank you too all the parents who played along and rushed out for that last minute stripey hat or in the case of this friend, blue hair dye! 

Here's another "Cat in the Hat"! Thanks to all of our awesome parent readers who delighted the kids just by showing up and being a part of the day. 
Even our Ittsier Bittsier Spiders got into the spirit of the day by creating this sploosy-squishy painting with their feet, hands, and... is that a belly button print I see? 
Onceler beware! These Truffula trees are not for the chopping. 
The Fliers dug into The Foot Book with both feet!
On March 17th, a mysterious green friend named "Lionel the  Leprechaun" signed in at TLS Duke for the day. 
Lionel the Leprechaun left quite an impression. The kids excitedly showed me his mess. With an exasperated shake of the head, the kids were thrilled to clean up after this troublesome friend.

Our teachers spent their monthly staff meeting with Reggio trainer Mary Courtney.  Mary discussed with us the 100 languages of learning. Kids (and grown) express themselves in a zillion ways. How do we as teachers help keep the doors open to all of these expressions? What can we as adults do to open ourselves as wide as our wide eyed kids?  
How do we teach art to kids? What is the difference between art and craft? What messages are we giving to our kids when we approach art? Our Reggio trainer gave us lots of food for thought.  
These Space Invaders are enjoying the pre-game huddle and showing off their super re-purposed egg baskets. Marybeth laid down the egg-hunt etiquette--- or egg-iquitte to amazing results. 

This egg Explorer shows is his egg-hunt game face.
Success! Alex plucks out a primo egg. 

Wesley finds his first egg. The excitement builds!

All over the campus,  kids got into the act. This Zany Zooer finds a bounty of eggs

The Curious Caterpillars take advantage of this rare springy day, and throw the windows open to let spring it!
Don't forget, Garden day is around the corner. You can spread the TLS love by helping to build and beautify the campuses. Power drills and peonies welcome. One of my favorite days at school, garden day truly encompasses the Reggio "it takes a village" philosophy. 

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