Friday, June 21, 2013

Dear Hillsborough class of 2013

By Jessica Larson

Every June as we prepare to say good-bye to our Pre-K class, I start humming “Sunrise Sunset” from Fiddler on the Roof (I'm crossing my fingers that there are other Tevye fans out there). How is it possible that you are graduating pre-school? Many of you started as one of Shannon’s teeny babies, and one by one you all joined us and made our days grow sunnier exponentially with your presence. I remember when you REALLY needed me to hold your hand, missing Mommy and unsure about the merits of the Magic tree- now look at you! Brimming with confidence, you hardly look over your shoulder as you blaze past me in the morning, a blur of color as you set off on some amazing adventure. I remember taking a walk with you in the woods- you teetered like a wind up doll, and that log was seemingly insurmountable! I see you now, swinging from the vines at the magic mountain like the wild beast I always knew you were. I remember making up stories with you about evil witches, and the brave princess who saved the world. I will never forget the way you danced in the sprinklers, like a cross between a sumo wrestler and a butterfly. I remember debating with you whether or not princesses can wear pants (I still say yes!). I remember having to set out a LIGHT blue cup for you when you refused to drink out of anything resembling Duke blue. Sure, the teachers planned the lessons, but it was YOU who took us on epic journeys. Man, you made us laugh! We went through so many milestones together- from the trenches of biting, to the victories of potty training. You are amazing.

Though you have made a sweet unmistakable little place for yourself in our hearts, overtime we will fade away from your memory. You may have a vague memory of some nutty song taught to you many years ago, or of a wildly ticklish brush painting the bottoms of your feet, but our faces will slip from your ever growing mind. But we are ok with that! Every time you attack a puddle, we will know that we did a great job. When you ask the big questions, face that hairy scary new thing with a deep breath, or find the hidden wonder in a creek bed, we will be someplace brimming with pride. You did it.

And what next?  I asked our rising wonders to fill us in on the coming chapters of their lives.

“What will you be when you grow up?”

Henry A: A monkey climber
Tripp B: A racecar driver
Alex B: A scientist and dancer
Willa B: I want to be like, umm, to look and find things from deep down- kind of like Egypt because that’s the best place for it
Anna Leigh B: A princess and live in castles and wear crowns
Maddie B: A star ballerina… so, a pop star
Alex B: A pilot that flies all over the world!
Ben C: A firefighter!
Rhys C: Humm, lemme think…. I’m going to drive an airplane to DC, Washington
Carissa C: A respiratory therapist
Sienna C: A cowgirl!
Diego C: I’m going to be a doctor, a racecar driver and a puppy
Niko D: A policeman who captures bad guys
Elsie E: An underwater learner
Gabe G: A scientist who does a lot of science
Darwin H: It's a surprise! 
Wyatt H: I’m going to play basketball, baseball, football and soccer for State
Joshua H: Be a basketball player for the Panthers
Riley H: A cheerleader
Abigail J: A Barbie
Leah K: A yellow mermaid
Brandon K: A Jedi- Obi wan Kanobi
Andy L: A ballerina
Grant M: A pilot
Ian M: A pilot with my brother and Alex
Ryan M: A singer
Ali O: I’m going to be a teacher
Terra P: I don’t know! A ballerina with a pink outfit
Owen P: I don’t know! I think I will be…… an artist?
Nicole P: I don’t know yet. Maybe a doctor for pets.
Ellamarie P: A police officer
Thomas P: Too much people! Some of them are a firefighter, a policeman and a Dad
Marc R: Baseball, football, basketball!
Walker S: That’s a hard question. I think I might be a fireman with my uncle. He’ll ask if I am a fireman, and I’ll say yes.
Ryan S : Play baseball
Gilbert S: I’m going to be a police that catches bad guys
Quincy S: I’m going to be at a pet store and let people take pets
Shayna S: A princess
Olivia S: A person that works at spa that grooms pets
Sterling S: A veterinarian to help dogs survive and be healthy
Olivia T: I’m going to be a scientist that finds out about bigfoot
Maci V: A rockstar. I’m going to sing radio songs like Katy Perry
Veena V: Just a Mom with 10 babies
William V: An alligator hunter
William W: I haven’t decided
Logan W: I’m going to be a pilot and fly to my grandma’s house and Africa
Grover W: I’m going to be a scientist, a paleontologist that studies dino bones
Matthew W: A train driver that only goes to Africa, the airport, and home
Colin W: A policeman… actually, I’m going to be a fireman
Whitley W: I’m going to be a princess that shoots bows and arrows
Lucas V: A zoo keeper- ooohhh ooooh aahhh aahhh!
Lukas W: A pilot
Leyton W: A teacher

(Mr. Cole adds that he will be Mickey who skates on ice)

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