Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Words of “Wisdom” from a long-time TLS Family:

Our new school year is around the corner. I can yammer on and on about the in’s and out’s of The Little School, but instead I turn it over to one of our most beloved Moms, who has just graduated TLS after 7 (sparkly & awesome) years! Her family will be hugely missed, but she leaves us with these spot on words of advice for new and old parents alike. 

-By Sonya Sutton

1.       Kids at TLS play outside. A lot. It’s wonderful to see them learning about worms, making mud pies and creating new worlds in the sand box, but you will discover dirt in all sorts of places when they get home. Find a good stain remover and keep the special clothes from Grandma at home.

2.       To find clothes you don’t mind getting dirty; check out consignment sales and shops. Ms. Mary is a consignment guru, and not only can she help you find new items, but she can also help you make some money on the stuff your kid outgrows.

3.       Chef Nate is fabulous. The food your child will eat at TLS sounds better than what most of us eat at restaurants (especially when we go out with our kids). However, if you don’t think your child is up for quinoa or mushroom quiche, don’t worry- they will love the fruit and bread at snack time and they are not going to go hungry during the day.

4.       Despite the comment above, your child will claim to be starving when you pick him up. A car snack is a great way to entice them to leave their friends and blocks and actually get home before 6pm.

5.       Take pick up times seriously. The teachers want to go home, too, and if you’re late, you’re using their time to finish up and leave the classroom. If you are late, fess up and offer to pay the penalty before the teachers ask. The teachers hate to ask for it, but it’s part of the policy.

6.       Take a walk to the Magic Tree with your kids.  It’s pretty awesome, especially when you see it through their eyes.

7.       Be careful in the parking lot and don’t think you can make an exception and park in the Red Zone or other restricted areas. Other parents see you doing that and we all have a ton of kid stuff to lug in every day.

8.       Bring fruit. Don’t worry if you forget now and then, but they really do use it every day for your kids’ snacks. Also, don’t worry if you have to bring in some shriveled up carrots or a lemon. Sometimes it’s slim pickings at our house, too.

9.       A lot of the teachers babysit. Take advantage of that! It’s great to have your kids watched at home by someone they already know and love.

10.   Accidents happen. Resist the urge to find out who the “friend” who bit/hurt your child may be. They can’t tell you, and you might be happy for that policy in the future when your child becomes the biter and not the victim.

11.   If something is bothering you, talk to the teachers or directors. There are few situations they haven’t dealt with before, and they really want to work with you to make sure you’re comfortable and happy with your child’s experience at the school.

12.   Read Ms. Jessica’s e-mails. What might seem like a mundane message about calendar changes might actually contact a little gem that makes you laugh all day.

13.   Go to a PIG meeting, if for no other reason than it’s fun to say you have a PIG meeting to go to. The meetings give insight into why things are happening at the school that might otherwise be confusing.

14.   Find a place for your child’s art. You may need an entire room dedicated to their creations. You also may need to weed out the 25 scribbled pages in the middle of the night to avoid a fight.

15.   Try to appreciate the wonderful time this will be for your kids. They’re going to learn so much. One day they’ll be inventing stories about princesses and super heroes who travel the world and the next they’ll be painting pictures under the table like Michelangelo. They’ll probably teach you a thing or two, too, like all the parts of an insect or how to make paper. They’ll leave confident and ready for their next big adventure, even if you wish they could stay just a little bit longer.  

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  1. I love that the magic tree remains a cornerstone of TLS; the photo of my daughter's class at the magic tree (over three years, ago, now) remains on display in her room- such good memories.


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