Monday, December 23, 2013

...And To All A Good Night

Rocketeer soaks in hugs from her teachers

The holiday season is here, and The Little School kids have been busy elves (or in our case, busy Monkeys, Lizards, Giraffes, Butterflies, etc.) making piles of holidays decorations, gifts, surprises, party plans, and even, in the case of the Gnome room, an indoor ice-skating rink(wax paper feet). It really is so fun to work with kids this time of year. Children don’t get bogged down by the best deals, or the long to-do lists that fill our adult heads. Kids get to live in a magic world suddenly alit with twinkling lights, living rooms inexplicably filled with amazing trees, and kitchen counters piled high with sugar cookies. Helping to create winter memories allows us to spend time indulging in that kind of magic. It’s one of the the untold benefits of our profession.
Jackson's Grandma shows off
the newest family addition

This is also a deeply reflective time of year.  New Years ignites a mental slide show filled with snippets of an amazing day at the beach, kids and laughs, triumphs, first steps, scary fevers, unanswered riddles from the past year, joys, fears never realized, and the inevitable list of “what’s and if’s”. So much happened that I could have never guessed, so many 
mountains climbed. Thank you for being along for the journey. 

Time is measured with such a different fun-house ruler when raising a young child. What’s another year to an adult? Hardly a blip! However, the difference between 1 and 2 years old? A 3 and 4 year old? Epic! Those chubby fingers that were just learning to grasp, are now escaping down the hall with their third candy cane. This is the time of year I vow not to let it go by so quickly next time, to stop and smell every last rose and kiss each baby toe.

Explorers bring the sparkle!

As I walked through the school on the last days before break, it looked like the season had shaken itself out all over the campus. Parents gathered and filled tiny chairs for holiday celebrations. Rooms dripped with snowflakes and paper chains, and teachers left with their arms full of thank you’s, cookies, and acts of gratitude from their families and co-workers. Our desks were covered in thoughtful notes and gifts that reminded me of just how kind our community is. Two rooms independently pulled together during this hectic season to bring meals, diapers and financial aid to a family among them in need. The love was bottomless and beautiful. 

So it’s our turn: Thank you ALL for being part of this amazing, generous, dedicated and gracious community. You have loved us challenged us and stood with us during this adventurous year. We have grown with you all, leaned on you all, and learned from you all more then you know. You have shared your families, lives, struggles and stories with us, and we really can’t thank you enough. We look forward to more adventures in 2014. 


  1. Thanks, Super! Such a nice reflection of what we do and what we are.

  2. Thanks, Super! Such a nice reflection of what we do and what we are.


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