Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bumblebees. Art. Fun. Who could ask for anything more?

By Amy Smith and Leigh Showman 

For some in the Bumblebees room the best part of the day comes when the parents arrive and we can show them our cubby full of artistic creations. As a result of observing these moments in January, we decided to embrace it!  We sculpted the following activities around the children’s interest.
IMG_0675.JPGFirst we explored the color wheel concept and used primary and secondary colors to create individual color wheels.  The paint the children mixed for the exploration of color (wheel) was used to paint our watercolor paintings, the inspiration for which was drawn from books of famous watercolor art works.  

We also did an interpretive drawing activity where we gave the children specific instructions (draw a circle, two lines, etc) and embraced how different everyone’s creation was while using the same instructions.  We made “secret message” art using white oil pastel drawings that were revealed using watercolor paint.  

We did an exploration of self-portraits by encouraging the children to draw their own portraits while looking in a mirror.  They also had a photograph taken out in nature in a place they said best represented them.

We explored painting without a paintbrush by blowing air on paint through a straw and by painting with our feet. In small groups we melted crayon wax and used tape to create awesome canvases.

We explored not only two dimensional art, but also books and photos of other art that can be 3-D as well. We looked at buildings, sculptures, and statues as representations of 3D art and explored these in our various centers. We explored modeling clay and created pots and medallions that we later painted and decorated with beads.
Not only were we exploring our interest in making art, but also in learning about the impact art can have on a community. Previously we had taken a field trip to the Nasher Art Museum at Duke and learned that art isn’t just to be created and enjoyed at home, but that art could be displayed and shared with the community as well. When we started discussing all the things we knew about Art, we decided that we not only wanted to create art for ourselves, but that we wanted to share that art with our school family. We decided to put on an Art Show. 
The Bumblebees were definitely proud to invite their School Family to share their Art experience and enjoy some snacks and relive their love for art.


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