Saturday, March 15, 2014

Dr. Seuss is in the building!

Read across America week is one of our favorite events. This is when we get to invite the community to embrace their inner Cat in The Hat! Parents, teachers and kids alike all got into the silly spirit. As Amy A. put it, even the weather was down right Seussical. Though the ice storms put several kinks into our best laid plans, just like a Truffula seed the Seuss sprit broke though the gloom! Kids donned their wackiest Wednesday costumes, parents read their favorite Seuss tongue twisters, and even our wee-est babies got into the Foot-Book spirt by painting with their toes.  Here are a few photos form the week. 

The Rocketeers created a huge thank-you banner 

Mom's and Dad's held rapt audiences

Pop-up Suess!

Wacky Wednesday was just an excuse for Dana to break out this look
Abbie IS our personal Cat in the Hat

Seuss-isms everywhere

Wacky Wednesday!

The ALWAYS wacky Gnome class


Say no more
Brandie never disappoints with her who-hair!

The ice added a interesting challenge to our week

Despite the destruction it caused, the ice storm left beauty all around. A Seussical end to the week 

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