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1.             1.
used to express good wishes when parting or at the end of a conversation.
2.             Synonyms: farewell, adieu, au revoir, ciao, adios

To the graduating TLS class of 2014-

We are in awe of you. Though we (ok, I) cry at goodbye each and every year, there is so much to celebrate in our time together! All those developmental surges, the relationships we forged, all the brain connections made. We remember when you finally crossed that log, when we cheered like crazy when you used the potty, and when we held our breath as you placed that last block on the tower. And man oh man, how you've charmed us with your facts about black mamba snakes, your capacity to flawlessly recite every line of "Let It Go", and of course your amazingly styled ensembles. And even when you were sad, there was so much tenderness and love. We remember on your first day of school when you and your full baby cheeks waited by the door for Mom to come… we waited with you. We held you close on that time you forgot your beloved stuffed sea otter, and we sighed deeply along with you as you drifted to sleep after your patented "creepy mousey" arm tickle. In some cases we meet when you were wee little babies, others we just got lucky enough to meet this year. But regardless of when we met, you have moved us all. 

Our job is not only to delight in your childhood, but to encourage the growth of competent, self assured, free thinking adults.  We often marvel that much of the work we do as early childhood educators we will never see. Like it or not, the years will march on, and you will have only the faintest memory of that giddy teacher with the gnomes, twirling the day away with your friends dressed as ninjas and brides, or that mythical magic tree. A magic tree you will think? Did I make that up? But we will be there, faintly but proudly woven into your story. We love you all so much. We have faith that you will conquer the world, and our deepest wish is that you will always hear the echo of us cheering you on. You did it!

I asked our future world leaders what they will be when they grow up?

Aiden: A mower driver and a truck driver. I am going to help people with their lawns. Grandma and me are going to mow, and Momma's going to trim
Anika: A cowgirl
Niko: A firefighter. Actually a doctor
Chloe: A ballerina teacher 
Parker:  A Jedi
Nicholas: A kid and a fireman
Lillian: Maybe a scientist
Gabe: A firefighter
Evan: A policeman. I am going to take people to jail that go off the speed limit
Lucas: A doctor. A nursing doctor
Brady: My Dad's job. He's a boss and engineer
Oscar: A doctor
Mia: I'm going to help animals
Porter: A firefighter
Lexi: I'm going to kindergarten 
Cassie: I want to be a teacher who goes to school

Mack: A ninja that does spinjitzu 
Lillian: A veterinarian
Megan: I don't know
Maria C: A fashionista and a farmer.... no, just a fashionista
Sophia: An artist
Henry: A race car driver with a green and red car and conducting 9 year olds to get race cars out of control 
Elisa: A cowgirl, a Mommy, a doctor and a teacher
Eli: I don't know
Sarah Grace: A teacher here. Leah is going to be my boss
Graham: A soldier
Callum: A paleontologist 
Addison: A princess of the castle
Wylie: A queen of princesses
Alex: Oooh, oooh! I'm going to be a singer
Andy: A diabetes doctor
Maryn: A princess like Rapunzel 
Finley: An artist, painting, drawing, making necklaces and picture frames
Antonia: A horse rider
Beckett: A policeman that arrests bad guys
Will: A football player on the red team
Rebecca: A ballet teacher
William: A ninja

Lila: Aurora
Cannon:  A super-hero
Soren: A firefighter
Isla: A ballerina
Jacob: I want to be a ninja, but there are no such things as ninjas, so I will be a artist. Or a millionaire
Hailey: I want to be a vet… a cat vet!
Ethan: Police
Avett: A ninja or a lego maker
Addison Hardy: I'm gonna work with my papa and be a rescue call person and with my g-ma and be the boss of all county schools
Charlotte: A doctor
Rebekah: A animal farmer with cows, horses, pigs, chicken and donkeys
Camille: A Mom and a teacher
Ayla: An artist and a Mom
Jack: Grrrrrr
Molly: A dentist
Eon: A painter like my Mom
Mason: Taking care of babies with my Mom
Izzy: A biologist 
Cecilia: Queen Elsa
Marisol: I love arts and crafts so... an artist? 
Lily: A Mom and a teacher
Ben: A cook and an engineer. It's going to be a desert place with Jack and Sam 
Oliver: Professional baseball player

Halina: A pet salon. Or maybe an artist. Or maybe a swimming teacher 

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