Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Welcome (back!)

Our new journey is just getting going, and what an amazing week we had. Last week the Hillsborough campus welcomed 65 new children, 7 new staff members, 20 campers and endless unfolding discoveries. A clean slate lays before us. Unending possibilities! 

Many of us were ready, set, GO! But blank canvases can be big and scary too, and some of our new friends are hesitant to dip in. We respect their process, and are primed and ready to spend the next few weeks building a strong and secure relationship. This is our heart. This trust does not come overnight, however we are confident and good at waiting! There will be a lot of hugs and tender moments as your teachers help settle in our newest friends. 

New is the name of the game. The week was filled with new teachers, new spaces, new friends, new routines, and even a new chef. I asked some of our kids to tell me about the very best part of their week. Here is what I learned: 

  • Waterplay! You can make a stream and it will go into the "thunder drain"- Cannon
  • I made a cape out of paper (insert flourish) - Cecelia 
  • I liked playing chase outside- Avery
  • There is a new train puzzle over there!- Ian
  • We talked about sweat- Vera....
  • ....It comes from the sun- Madeline
  • I watched the diggers at the magic tree- Asher
  • I played with Brooklynn in my castle- Summer
  • I painted a picture. It was a beautiful one! - Wyatt
  • I wrote my name with sand, and painted with flowers in the garden- Lillian 
  • I played outside with my friend Nicholas. He's my new best friend. And Ronan... he's in the green shirt. -Sebastian

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