Tuesday, October 27, 2015

What is Team Explorer?

            At The Little School we provide our teachers with lots of opportunities to create great classroom environments (and it certainly shows in all our great classes). One of the ways we do that is team meetings once a week all three teachers get to have a meeting together and plan for the week. That’s where Team Explorer comes in! We work to build on the wonderful work that the teachers do everyday in their classrooms!

            We are four dedicated teachers, Ms. Brandie, Ms. Erin, Ms. Tosha and Ms. Ali, who come into classes and engage the children through various focuses while their teachers go to team planning. Everyone of us has our specialty but how does that translate into what we do?

We do art together!

Some of the Many Benefits: We explore various textures as we work over several mediums. We enhance our fine motor skills as we work with items ranging from beads to paint brushes. We develop patience as we create art and we seek to understand color, light, and shadows and how they influence the world around us.

We work in the Garden!

Some of the Many Benefits: We begin to understand where the food we consume comes from by interacting from planting to harvesting We get to taste produce straight from the garden. We develop appreciation for the natural living world which develops empathy. We also use fine motor skills working with tools, picking up worms and all the other fun, tiny critters that can be found in the ground.

We Go on Outdoor Explorations!

Some of the Many Benefits: We develop balance and hand-eye coordination with the uneven terrain. We further understand spacial reasoning with the various objects growing within the space. We improve empathy by playing within nature. We grow teamwork as we attempt to climb on the same tree or leap across rivers.

And we mix and match all these activities!

 Art outside. Collecting natural objects for the garden on walks. Art for the garden. Creating fairy garden.  The fun goes on!

-Ali Huber