Thursday, February 25, 2016

What Team exploration at Hillsborough has been up to...

While classroom teachers are having some valuable meeting time, Team Exploration (Erin, Brandie, Amanda and Ali) have been busy offering the classes many exploration opportunities.  Here's what we've been up to lately...

Explorations - 
Team Exploration have been making Snow Dough concoctions with the kids with flour or cornstarch and baby oil.  It has been a great science experiment and of course most kids love the sensory/tactile experience.  We have also been feeding the birds in the Fairy Garden from the big bin of birdseed.  The kids also love this sensory experience, as they sift the seeds through their fingers, and have noticed several types of seeds they recognize, corn and sunflower.  We have practiced being still and quiet so we don't scare the birds.  The birds are now coming and perching in our trees and eating the seeds.  Feel free to let your kids throw more birdseed into the Fairy garden area!   We have also been offering Kindness Week art activities to help spread the LOVE and kindness. 

Yoga - 
We also have begun doing more yoga with the cold/ rainy weather limiting our long walks in the woods in the mornings.  Both Amanda and Erin are able to do yoga with the kids both in the classroom and in the yoga room.  

Gardening - 
We are starting to prepare for our Spring plantings in our Courtyard Gardens.  Compost has been ordered.  Seeds have been ordered.  And we have a new 4-wheeled dumping wagon for transporting big loads of dirt!!!  (Sorry, I am really excited about this cool garden vehicle).  Ali is planning on starting some seeds with the kids in the art space.  

Woods Explorations - 
On nice days, we try to get out into the woods as much as possible.  We do several safety exercises like the "Freeze" game as we cross the parking lot to keep the kids listening and aware.  We have made pinecone bird feeders and hung them from trees, picked up trash from the construction site, and followed a stream to see where it goes.  The kids are all seriously improving their tree-climbing skills and body awareness.  We have also practiced walking slowly and quietly, listening for bird calls.  Several groups have gotten to see an OWL fly from high in a tree!

Overall, we have started doing a lesson plan that we follow for 3-weeks, giving each small group an opportunity to participate in each activity.

Keep Exploring!

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